University of Oregon

Department of Landscape Architecture

Why Landscape Architecture at UO?

Our job is to revolutionize our surroundings for generations to come.To many, the word landscape evokes images of lush forests, snow-capped mountains, and sunburnt deserts. But to landscape architects, it’s about more than natural beauty. As the famous landscape historian JB Jackson put it, everything is landscape. From busy urban centers to remote grasslands, landscape architecture is interested in understanding the value, meaning and potential of landscape places.

Our job is to positively affect our surroundings for generations to come. Landscape architecture is both a science and an art. The profession is based on scientific knowledge of natural processes coupled with critical awareness of historical, cultural, aesthetic and social dynamics. This breadth of knowledge is applied to the process of designing, conserving and managing richly supportive and beautiful places that respond to human needs and ecological contexts.

Our program stresses the interactions between biophysical processes, human needs and the development of constructed spaces. We strive to help students creatively adapt their passion for sustainability and social justice into professional, hands-on projects that produce real-world results. We cultivate and maintain a closely-knit, diverse community of individuals who are motivated to collaborate, learn, and respect one another. Our interpersonal and interdisciplinary style of education allows us to unify multiple perspectives and overcome both perennial and contemporary challenges in innovative ways.

This is reflected in projects addressing the breadth of 21st century landscape issues: urban growth, change and decay, rural resources connected to food and water security, small town community development, planting design within the regional context, neighborhood planning and design, park and open space design, transportation planning, computer-aided analysis and design for regional landscapes, historic landscape conservation and development, and ecological design, restoration and planning.

Many industries have an impact on nature. Here at the University of Oregon, we enable students to make sure these impacts are for the better. We tackle projects with the utmost respect for the world we all share, thinking in the long-term and solving problems in a distinctly Oregonian way.