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PhD in Landscape Architecture

Alahambra courtyard with fountainThe Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon is a national leader in design education with an emphasis in social responsibility and ecological stewardship. The discipline of landscape architecture is growing from a mostly professional field to one that supports scholarship and research, thus changing its role and mission in the academic community and in society. As a result of this growth, a doctoral degree is rapidly becoming preferred for university faculty and professional positions in the field.

The Program

The doctoral program in landscape architecture offers opportunities for advanced study and scholarship with a focus on ecological landscape planning and design, encompassing a range of spatial scales and cultural contexts. An ecological approach to these subjects focuses on how landscape pattern, process, and change interact to create land mosaics that maintain the diversity of life and the foundations for human well being. Our doctoral program is designed to address these issues through spirited analysis, critique, and prescription of landscapes in Oregon, the United States and throughout the world.

Depending on their background and research goals, students can expect to complete their degree in three to six years, which includes time for required coursework, qualifying exams, and completion of a dissertation. For each incoming doctoral student, we will provide at least two years of tuition and fee waivers, two years of stipend, and health insurance. Students also have the opportunity to teach and to participate in ongoing research projects.

The first step in the application process is to read the PhD program handbook. It provides a sense of the timeline and requirements for graduation with a doctoral degree in landscape architecture at the University of Oregon.

Download the PhD Program Handbook

Example PhD in Landscape Architecture Curriculum Outline (PDF)


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