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Students taking notesAbout the UO Master of Landscape Architecture

Our students are sought after for their knowledge of environmentally responsive landscape design, analysis and planning skills. Alumni from the program have gone on to work in various positions, practices, and locations across the country and throughout the world. More than 90 percent of our alumni have achieved entry-level placements in the profession. Students join the program because the MLA program offers the opportunity to pursue their creative and problem solving ambitions and provides them with practical knowledge of the professional world.

Our program prepares students to help solve many different kinds of problems in diverse places and regions. They can craft site designs in urban and rural places, implement ecological restoration plans and projects, prepare watershed improvement and storm water plans, analyze regional landscapes for planners, analyze urban areas for urban design improvements, develop urban food systems, design parks and other recreational landscapes, design and assess renewable energy projects, prepare urban forestry plans, and much more.

We have two options for MLA degrees: first professional and post professional.

First Professional

Students with other bachelor degrees (BS, BA, BFA, etc)

The first professional degree is for students who have little background in environmental design. Students can expect to spend a minimum of three years (10 terms) earning an accredited, first professional MLA.

Coursework in this program can be mostly completed in two years, leaving the third year to focus on the master's project or thesis. Students take required coursework related to professional knowledge and skills. They also take a series of elective courses in an area of concentration to further investigate their master's project or thesis. Based upon their undergraduate courses, work experience, and background in design-related disciplines, students may have a variety of competencies. In each case, adjustments may be made to the typical program of study by consulting with a faculty advisor.

Although requirements and time to degree may vary with each student, the following sample curriculum outline represent typical situations:

Sample first professional MLA Curriculum Outline (PDF)


Post Professional

Students with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA or BSLA) or with an Architecture degree (BArch or MArch)

Students entering with a degree in landscape architecture or architecture (bachelor or master) generally spend two years completing the post professional MLA program. The individual schedule of courses is determined on a case by case basis. Incoming students with an unaccredited first-professional environmental design degree and substantial professional experience are often eligible for this degree program.

Most coursework for this program can be completed in the first year, leaving the second year to focus on the master's project or thesis. Other than required coursework, students take a series of elective courses (an area of concentration) to further investigate their master's project or thesis.

Sample post professional MLA Curriculum Outline (PDF)


For more information about the Master of Landscape Architecture degree, download the MLA Student Handbook


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