University of Oregon

Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture Minor

Landscape architecture spans many fields and can involve a diversity of disciplines. Majors in art, architecture, planning, environmental studies, business, biology, geography and many others majors find-compelling connections to their work and interests within the coursework offered through the minor program. Completing a minor in landscape architecture allows one to better understanding how decisions are made that affect the form and function of the places we all share.

Landscape architecture is highly collaborative profession. A minor exposes students to the understandings and culture of the processes by which different landscapes are changed. For those students considering a graduate degree in landscape architecture, the minor is a perfect jumping off point for the next step in one’s environmental design education.


LA Minor Degree Requirements (30-32 credits):

  • LA 260 - Understanding Landscapes (4 Credits), Fall Term
  • LA 413 – Analyzing Land Systems (4 Credits), Winter Term (for Minors and non-Majors)
  • 1 Plants Course (4 Credits) 
  • 1 History/Theory Course (4 Credits) 
  • Optional Courses (14-16 Credits)
  • All courses required for the minor must be passed with the equivalent of a C- or better

To Declare a Minor in Landscape Architecture:


Landscape Architecture diagram