University of Oregon

Department of Landscape Architecture

Core Values

Student inspecting large, felled treesThe foundation of our community is its members. Students and faculty together are a community of lifetime learners that respect and cultivate understanding about the diverse values and ideas each of us holds about landscapes.

We believe:

  • Landscape architecture is founded on an awareness of our deep connections to ecological processes, community and culture and the recognition that we are interconnected in a complex web of life.
  • A healthy society rests on a commitment to the land, its processes, and its integrity.
  • Landscape design should help to fulfill human needs, experience, and potential by creating environments that are supportive and socially just.
  • Designing is a process of discovery, characterized by questioning, creating, testing and evaluating.

The Department believes that an education in landscape architecture should include, at a minimum, the following elements:

  • Responsibility—The fostering of a moral commitment to the task of developing landscapes where life can easily prevail and humanity is free to pursue happiness.
  • Knowledge—The instilling of a lifetime motivation to seek out and understand the phenomena and processes that shape the landscapes of our world.
  • Methodology—The provision of a balanced problem-solving methodology that recognizes the necessity to integrate system (science), aesthetics (art), and ethics (philosophy) in achieving appropriate landscape designs.
  • Skills—The training and practice in using various technologies to implement landscape design in a humane and ecologically harmonious manner.